Joan E. Mann is an American SAG actress currently living in Los Angeles. She has lived in New York for five years and has cultivated an acting career while appearing in commercials for Apple iPhone 6s, Verizon, Kellogg's, Stella Artois, Procter and Gamble and many more. Joan E. recently wrapped an Amazon Prime Independent Feature leading role in ‘Sound of Settling’. She has played lead roles in several other short films, a web series and Mocumentary this past year while new to Los Angeles. She has shot a National McDonalds commercial and a few other regional commercials as well.

Joan E. graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts from the University of Utah. Her love for acting drew her to New York City, and eventually Los Angeles where she is currently studying with Anthony Meindl's actor studio, Lesly Kahn Comedy Intensive and Improv at IO West and UCB.

Joan E. was born Joan Elizabeth Mann, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. She is a Suzuki- trained violinist and a classically-trained modern and ballet dancer. As an advanced yogini, she teaches yoga and meditation to both children and adults. She has traveled extensively and, as a result, is able to create a wonderful sense of cultural diversity in her craft. In her free time she enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and time with family. Her aspirations include playing a role in an Emmy Award winning series and working with Hello Sunshine (R. Witherspoon’s Motion Picture Company) to be apart of projects that bring more quality roles for Aspiring Female Actresses.



Recent Work

  • Feature Film

    'Sound of Settling' - SAG, indie feature. I play the role of Abby, a girl with a really big heart and little self worth. She is no role model, but she eventually discovers that her big heart can be employed to love herself. We're finishing up some ADR and edits for the films release.

  • National Commercial

    National McDonals Commercial! Go grab a Big Mac and fries on me! But not really... my usage ends soon and I am still a working actor so maybe just fires- on me!

  • Short Film

    'AWAKE and HAPPY'- This short film was shot over three nights, contrary to the title, I was neither fully awake nor happy. But kidding aside, it is the best feeling to be working. The short covers the topic of physician assisted suicide. I play a woman that is suffering with terminal cancer, going through life's transition with her friends. It is a comedy of sorts.

  • Volunteer

    I enjoy volunteer work at a women's shelter called The Harvest Home. After getting settled in LA and spending so much time focusing on myself and career, I realized that giving back to my new community was something that was missing in my life.

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